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22 de October, 2019


Logicalis, the international provider of IT solutions and managed services, has acquired most of Cilnet’s capital.

Through this acquisition Logicalis reinforces its Cisco expertise in the Iberian market and complements its operation with data center, collaboration, networking, infrastructure and managed services.

João Martins, Cilnet’s CEO, says: “In today’s extremely dynamic and global market, we feel that our business’s structure needs to be evolutionary and forward-thinking. This is the only way we’ll be able to follow the continuous transformation and provide even more value to our stakeholders. I believe this direction and vision is completely aligned between Cilnet and Logicalis, and that the best way to make it tangible is through this acquisition.

This deal will enable Cilnet to develop within a larger and more innovative platform, and the combination of our joint assets will be unique, and have the potential to unlock huge opportunities as a disruptive local Cisco player. ”