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20 de March, 2020

Logicalis Group Business Continuity Plan

Since the first cases of coronavirus appeared worldwide, the Logicalis Group has been monitoring the spread of the disease and proactively implementing procedures to minimize all types of risks among its stakeholders and in society in general.

Our primary focus is the health and well-being of everyone, so we have taken the following measures:
. Strengthening communication about the symptoms of the virus and methods of prevention;
. Cancellation of all international travel;
. Cancellation of participation in all internal and external events;
. Indication to make the most of virtual meetings, through collaborative technologies;
. Working remotely – whenever possible;
. Reinforcement of hand sanitizing devices, available in all Logicalis offices.

At the same time, we remain focused on our delivery to customers. As “Architects of Change”, the market expects us to be able to respond quickly to situations that may lead to disruption of our services.

We have our business continuity plan in place and share some of the things we’ve done to improve our resilience in the current situation:
. Training and safeguarding key elements in various functions to be able to intervene in crisis situations;
. Strengthening communication with employees and customers so that everyone is aware of the latest developments;
. Strengthened infrastructure to support all our employees in remote work;
. Establishment of procedures to deal with short or extended absences of colleagues;
. Implementation of timely prevention measures to minimize the spread of the virus;
. Paying maximum attention to governments and international health authorities’ announcements and adapting our plans accordingly.

We are here for our team, customers and other stakeholders, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Additionally, we want to leave a message of appreciation and strength to health professionals around the world who have shown incredible generosity, while working tirelessly to care for those most in need.

Stay safe,
Bob Bailkosky                                                         João Martins
CEO Logicalis                                       CEO Cilnet a Logicalis Company