Cyber ​​security is one of the biggest challenges organizations face these days. Attacks are constant (regardless of business sector and size) and are increasingly sophisticated, destructive and systematized. The only way to overcome these challenges is to address cyber security in a structural way, being adaptable, resilient and responsive. A good cyber security strategy is more than a product or service, is a process…because attack methods will continue to evolve.

The design and implementation of our solutions are ruled by the basic security principles, according to the CIA triad.

Learn how you can best protect your business through our solutions:

Cyber Security

Your organization’s goal in terms of security is to ensure that all your technologies, processes and resources are aligned, guaranteeing the safest environment possible.
Cilnet will work closely with your company to achieve those goals, because we:
. Assess your vulnerability to attacks;
· Focus on tightly integrated ecosystems that can be automated;
· Protect the mobile workforce;
· Stay alert for Ransomware and protect your DNS;
· Help integrate security into your operations and matching them with specific risk profiles;
· Keep your assets safe, allowing your business to focus on optimization and innovation.

The business benefits:

· Integration and alignment of a security strategy with your business;
· Protection of your data and assets;
· Safeguard your digital workforce;
· Gain end-to-end visibility of your operations;
· Mitigation of cyber threat risk and better management of data protection and privacy;
· Defend your networks, applications and work environment through a comprehensive zero-trust approach.