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Wi-fi as a Service (Wi-fiaaS)

WiFi-as-a-Service (WiFi-aaS) is a scalable enterprise WLAN service that enables reliable network access (both internally and externally) while providing an intelligent platform for building a superior user experience.

Enjoy an end-to-end management solution for your wireless LAN through our service:


Our Wi-fiaaS solution allows:

Traffic segmentation
distinguishing between public and private audiences, for bandwith optimization and mitigation of potential security violations;

Branded content and engagement with customers
through location-based usage (enabling real time marketing);

Analytical capability of the platform
which supports informed business decisions.

Wi-Fi-As-A-Service Process
· Wi-Fi Design
· Pre-install Survey
· Project Management
· Installation
· Post install Survey
· Operate/ Management
· Wi-Fi Equipment/ Software
· Internet Connection

The business benefits:

· Cost-effectiveness: as it’s based on the pay-as-you-grow model, enabling better management and control of network costs;
· Integrated service: Provided by the Cilnet Cloud platform, WiFi-aaS includes WLAN configuration, network deployment, hardware and software management;
· Fast deployment and scalability: simply by adding Access Points and using customizable front-end APIs;
· Increased knowledge about users as your company can use the Wi-Fi network to learn about their customers’ behaviors and preferences;
· Better consumer experience through high-speed Wi-Fi with dedicated bandwidth.